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Mecflou's products & services consist of supply, installation and servicing for Mixers, Homogenizer,  Piping, Storage Tank and Pressure Vessels. We also cater for custom design and build, services and maintenances for sites or manufacturing facilities.


To mix components and creates a uniform mixture suitable for the following industries’ use: chemical, coating, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, adhesives, plastics, oil and gas.

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All installation of Tanks and Piping system adhere to the following international standards; ABS, ASME, ANSI ,ASTM, AGA ,API ,AWWA, BISC, BS,DIN, ISO, UL and USFDA.

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To build customised storage tanks in various materials: stainless steel, mild steel, FRP and insulated tanks.

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We have the equipment for holding gases or liquids at a pressure significantly higher than the atmospheric pressure.

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We provide customisation on Tanks & Pipelines, Control Valves, Mechanical & Electrical Installation, Power Panels and Control & Instrumentation.

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